Polypress Company Ltd. has been since 1997 engaged in the processing of orders in printing and advertising with its own manufacturing facilities for bulk products. They are processed contracts, in particular in the field of digital printing, offset and large format printing, promotional items and graphic design.

Throughout the existence of the company is investing in new technologies and allowing these investments is at a high technological level, the volume of orders is growing steadily year on year. Among our clients are not only target customers from the corporate or private sector, but also a number of schools, state instuticí, advertising agencies and printers. In 2010 was introduced on-line ordering system calculations and orders for most of our products, which has contributed to provide maximum comfort and complete ordering information on the status of orders.

We care about professionalism processing of each contract, the maximum responsiveness to customer and reliability. With these principles, process orders for major companies in the Czech Republic and abroad since 2010, we have the largest processor of digital printing orders in the Karlovy Vary Region.

For everything that has managed to build, they are real people who work long and its activities by true professionals. Expertise, communication skills, willingness and decency of all workers are among the biggest strengths and competitive advantages.

We are members of the Union of Graphic Design (professional association of graphic designers and typographers Czech Republic).